Citron que c’est bon is a family business where you will find the freshest fruits and vegetables on the market, from local products to imported gourmet products. The company is looking for an adequate time and attendance system to manage employee time, schedules, vacations, holidays and have full reports on summaries of hours and costs.

Who are they?

With its five fruit stores in Montreal and the surrounding suburbs, Citron que c’est bon offers the freshest fruits and vegetables on the market. They offer local products from Quebec to imported products in fine groceries, all complemented by a courteous and expert customer service in the field. Citron que c’est bon! is authentic and each of your visits is also authentic.

What did we do for them?

Cyberlog is a company specialized in the development of business management software. Our expertise has led us to build integrated solutions to meet the demands of our customers’ IT systems.
One of our software is STA (Time and Attendance System). This software allows you to manage employee records, capture entrances and exits using punch capture devices and calculate time to pay according to your business rules.

We developed this software together with users in order to best meet the needs of its customers. As the solution belongs to us completely, we are able to adapt it quickly to the rules and demands of new customers. In addition, the data is saved at the customer’s premises, which limits the risk of disclosure of data to third parties and allows you to access the information contained in the system at any time.

The client Citron que c’est Bon has also decided to take the STA WEB option that allows employees to have remote access to their own account. They can view their schedules, change their availability, make requests for leave and send messages.

A choice that will greatly help to solidify the HR structure in punch management, time schedules and cost savings.