Les fermes Leclair et frères ltée were officially founded in 1971 by André, Ernest and Maurice Leclair. Initially, the company produced a wide variety of vegetables, and then specialized in the production of radishes and mini carrots marketed under the COCKTAIL trademark.

Who are they?

It is since 1995 that the farm is exploited by Maurice, Diane and Jocelyn Leclair. Over the years, the farm has expanded its product line to offer a greater variety of quality vegetables. Les Fermes Leclair and Frères specialize in the production of leafy and cello radishes, green onions, carrots from Nantes and leafy carrots, leaf beets and sacks. All products are processed and packaged in warehouses

What did we do for them?

The company used Cyberlog to meet a need for time and attendance in the warehouse, but also in the fields. STA express will help them save a considerable amount of money with very precise control over their data. STA Punch, a mobile application available on Android and iOS, will also allow them to calculate employee times in the fields and have reports on different projects, products and tasks.