Les fermes horticoles LMR inc located in Saint-Liguori in Lanaudière, offers quality asparagus freshly picked by hand. La Belle Verte asparagus is sold throughout Quebec via Loblaws and various Montreal distributors.

Who are they?

Les fermes horticoles LMR inc have been producing green asparagus since 1980. Today, the company owns 17 hectares of green asparagus and 35 hectares of zucchinis for the fresh market. In addition, it has 50 hectares of carrots for the freezing market and the fresh market. In constant evolution for more than 35 years, Horticultural Farms LMR needed new technologies. They chose Cyberlog to become even more efficient and productive.

What did we do for them?

STA express will help them save a considerable amount of money with very precise control over their employee time and attendance data. In addition, STA express gives them the opportunity to monitor the blow of operations through a system of managing projects, products and tasks.

STA Mobile is an application available on iPhone and Android, which allows even more flexibility than a punch. Always at hand, employees or groups of employees can complete their timesheets. STA Mobile will also allow them to be able to calculate employee time in real time, directly in the fields and have reports on the various projects, products and tasks of the company.

Cybertrace will aim to help them move to another operational level. We want to allow Horticultural Farms LMR to better manage the transition between the field and the distributors using a software allowing traceability, billing and orders

Cyberlog specialized in warehouse management and traceability in the mid-2000s. Our experience in the field has allowed us to implement our systems in several different types of companies. In addition, our software is flexible to adapt to the needs of customers.

Notre équipe ne se contente pas de vendre un logiciel, elle s’occupe aussi de l’implémenter dans votre entreprise.
Elle se déplace directement sur place pour s’assurer que le logiciel est bien installé et que le personnel en place sera apte a tiré profit des fonctionnalités offertes par nos produits STA express, STA Mobile et Cybertrace.

Our team does not just sell software, it also implements it in your business.
She travels directly to the site to ensure that the software is properly installed and that existing staff will be able to take advantage of the features offered by our products STA Express, STA Mobile and Cybertrace products.