Groupe lafrance

Founded in 1935, Paul Lafrance Transport is unequivocal proof that a company closely managed by professionals, attentive to its customers and respecting its industry, managed to pass through time. They have specialized in containerized transport since the 80s.

Who are they?

To date, le groupe Lafrance has 4 recent warehouses and more than 270,000 square feet of storage, all equally well located and a mechanical garage. Their large fleet of equipment is constantly renewed and their team of more than 150 employees is challenged to grow with the needs of the industry and their customers.

What did we do for them?

Le groupe Lafrance has used our services to modernize its punch system. Thanks to our STA, STA Mobile and STA Web business solutions, they will improve their management of employee time and attendance.

The STA desktop application will solve several urgent needs:
• Manage overtime
• Have very precise reports on the hours paid for each department
• Have control over delays, absences, holidays
• Manage contracts and shifts
• Interface with the payroll system
• Manage the rules of the collective agreement

The STA mobile application available for Android and iOS devices will make life easier for their drivers. They will be able to make their punches anywhere with the mobile app and a geolocation system.

The STA web application allows employees to have remote access to their own account. They can check their schedules, change their availability, make requests for leave and send messages to the administration.

The STA application ranges will greatly help to solidify the HR structure in the management of punches, time schedules by allowing faster access to information for all and above all save money and time.