Les bylles en cavale

The Roses des sables trophy 2018 edition is starting soon! From October 10 to 21 Annik and Amélie will embark on an extraordinary adventure. They will travel the roads of the Moroccan desert driving a vehicle side-by-side, after spending the year promoting the event through various fundraising activities. We are proud to be associated with Les bulles en cavale to help them realize their project and their dreams while supporting good causes.

This great adventure will raise funds for several organizations such as the children of the desert, the French Red Cross, the Breast Cancer Association and the Breakfast Club.

The Roses des sables trophy is not a race of speed (no concept of chrono is retained), but a test of orientation. When in the heart of a desert without landmark, three tracks stretch to infinity, it is a question of deciphering the Road Book to take the good. Not so simple … The talent of the pilots remains besides constantly solicited to foil the traps of wadis softened by the heat, and of course for the crossing of the dunes, as much awaited as dreaded by the participants.


The Cyberlog team wishes you the best of luck!