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We are delighted to announce that Boulangerie Kiri, located in Sherbrooke, has chosen to integrate our S.T.A software solution to optimize their time, labor, and HR management. This collaboration marks a strategic turning point for Boulangerie Kiri, enabling them to improve their operational efficiency and enhance employee satisfaction through more precise and automated management.

Here’s what S.T.A will do for them:

  • Schedule, shift, and contract management
  • Project, product, and task management
  • Integration with the payroll system
  • Absence, illness, and tardiness control
  • Training time tracking
  • Holidays and bonuses calculation
  • Rounding and tolerance settings
  • Department management
  • Human Resources module

Punch clock options:

  • Clock in and out, and record meal breaks
  • Submit leave and vacation requests directly on the punch clock
  • View total hours worked
  • Manage their time banking
  • General messages, by department or individual

Thank you to Boulangerie Kiri for their trust!