Manage your production chain efficiently

Cybertrace is an ERP solution for traceability management that allows you to efficiently manage most production activities within your company. Our business solution maintains complete traceability of your batches and lots, and supports your business at every stage of your production, including reception, stock management, processing, shipping, and invoicing.

Our IT solution is also connected to a mobile application, which can be installed on optical readers used by your employees. With Cybertrace, your data will be updated in real time, thereby avoiding inventory errors.

Furthermore, Cybertrace seamlessly integrates with different accounting systems such as Sage, Avantage, and Acomba..

Cybertrace: traceability management

For whom is our solution intended?

Cybertrace is the ideal software for companies operating in the food, agriculture, and production industries, who are seeking to optimize and automate their production chains management. Regardless of your company’s size, Cybertrace adapts to your specific needs and facilitates the management of your daily operations.

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Find out how our solutions sync with your accounting software

Our solutions are designed to provide seamless integration with most popular accounting systems. This integration greatly facilitates daily management and improves the operational efficiency of your business

Why should you choose
Cybertrace ?

  • 1

    Real-time monitoring of production steps and inventory

  • 2
    Centralized management of all production stages
  • 3

    Mobile application for optical readers

  • 4
    Creation and printing of various production labels
  • 5
    Production of necessary customs documents for transportation
  • 6

    Configurable with your accounting system

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Our software solution, Cybertrace, offers multiple modules to simplify and optimize your production operations.
Indeed, with our complete and leading-edge technology software solution, you can centralizes all stages of your production in one place, thereby increasing your efficiency and improving your management process.

Products & Inventory

Detail all your products directly in the software, customize labels for each of them, and keep your inventory up to date in real time.

Lot Traceability

Easily trace the various steps of your production chain and maintain complete traceability to ensure the quality and compliance of your products.

Customers & Suppliers

Keep an organized and detailed list of your clients and suppliers, enter their delivery addresses, and generate cross-border documents.

Production & Packaging

Monitor in real time the different steps of your production chain and efficiently manage your various recipes.

Purchases & Sales

Manage your purchases and sales, and generate your invoices by synchronizing Cybertrace with your accounting software.

Reception and shipping

Simplify deliveries and shipments management, and automate receiving and sending processes.

Mobile Application

Our mobile application Mobiletrace complements the computer software and enables the optimal use of inventory management, production, receiving, and shipping features. Employees will have their tasks simplified and optimized by using the application on their optical reader, in addition to benefiting from complete mobility during various production activities.

Enjoy full mobility

By using the mobile application on optical readers, your employees can access all the necessary information for your production anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, each scan performed will update your inventory in real time.

Avoid data entry errors

With the help of optical readers, you will avoid duplicate data entry and the errors associated with it.

In addition, you will be relieved of unnecessary paperwork, allowing you to work efficiently without getting tangled up in paperwork.

Improve your productivity

Mobiletrace enables your employees to quickly and easily access all the necessary data for inventory management, production, receiving, and shipping, regardless of their location. Enjoy greater flexibility, save costs, and increase your overall productivity.

Print your labels anywhere

By configuring the Cybertrace mobile application with a portable printer, your employees can print labels for products, packaging, or shipments wherever they are. This will save you from having to transport pre-printed labels.


  • Production management

  • Inventory management

  • Shipping management

  • Producers reception

  • Supplier reception

clients management

List your customers

This module allows you to manage the list of your business partners and add relevant information about your different customers, facilitating communication with them.

You can also add multiple shipping addresses for the same customer, improving and optimizing the quality of your service.

List your suppliers

Easily access information related to your various suppliers, such as producers, carriers, or even your own crops.

Detail your various products

This module allows you to provide detailed information about each of your raw materials or finished products, as well as the supplies required for your production. You also have the option to list your prices in advance, facilitating your billing or expense processes.

Additionally, you can create customizable labels for each of the products added to the module.

Maintain an accurate record of your inventory levels

Manage your inventory in real time with information on purchases, sales, products in transit, and those already on hand. By using the mobile application on optical readers, each scan will directly adjust your inventory-related data.

Moreover, you no longer have to worry about running out of stock as the inventory module also features automatic ordering functionality, programmable according to your criteria.

Track your purchases & sales

With this module, you can quickly access information related to the purchases and sales of your company.

You can also generate and print the various necessary documents for your production chain and synchronize your data with your accounting software to generate invoices efficiently.

Reception & Shipping Management

Cybertrace also enables you to effectively manage your receptions and shipments, optimizing the loading and unloading times for incoming and outgoing merchendise.

Additionally, this module helps minimize delivery errors and inventory discrepancies.

Track your production & packaging in real-time

Our Production module allows you to enter your recipes in an organized and comprehensive manner, including information such as ingredients, production process, packaging, and the final product. You can monitor the various production stages of your recipes in real-time, with time calculations for each step.

Additionally, the software automatically generates traceability labels for each produced batch.

Maintain Lot Traceability

With Cybertrace, you can easily trace each of your production lots, from raw material to finished product. By having an overview of all your lots, you can quickly identify defective products, minimize losses, and ensure the quality of your products.

traceability management

Combine our business solutions according to your area of expertise

Integrating our IT solutions simplifies management processes, saves time, and increases efficiency. Our compatible software automates tasks,
reduces errors, and enhances productivity.

Find out how the combination of our software can improve your management process.


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