Boulangerie Kiri Integrates S.T.A

We are delighted to announce that Boulangerie Kiri, located in Sherbrooke, has chosen to integrate our S.T.A software solution to optimize their time, labor, and HR management. This collaboration marks a strategic turning point for Boulangerie Kiri, enabling them to improve their operational efficiency and enhance employee satisfaction through more [...]

15 April 2024|

Camrack integrate our software solution S.T.A

Camrack, a leader in designing and manufacturing storage systems, has recently implemented S.T.A, the software and mobile app for advanced time and workforce management. This integration will enhance schedule planning, accurate work hour tracking, and streamline accounting processes, among other benefits. Here’s what S.T.A will do for them: Schedule, shift, [...]

7 March 2024|

Metro Beaulieu Expands Use of the S.T.A Solution to Three New Markets

A year after Metro Beaulieu first implemented the S.T.A solution to enhance their time and attendance management, we are thrilled to announce its extension to three additional Beaulieu markets. This expansion signifies both the effectiveness of our S.T.A software and app, and Metro Beaulieu's growing confidence in our technology. It [...]

13 February 2024|

FDC Composites Integrates the S.T.A Solution for Time and Attendance Management

We are proud to announce that FDC Composites, a leader in producing high-performance composite parts for aerospace and rail sectors, has chosen our S.T.A computer and mobile application. By choosing S.T.A, FDC Composites is modernizing their time and attendance management system, ensuring their administrative tools match their level of expertise. [...]

9 January 2024|

Naturpac chooses S.T.A for optimal management

We are pleased to welcome Naturpac among our clients. Specializing in high-quality apple packaging since the 1970s, Naturpac has been an innovation pioneer, constantly seeking cutting-edge technologies for premium apple packaging. S.T.A represents their next step in this innovative journey, allowing them to modernize their time and attendance management to [...]

1 December 2023|

Metro Lapointe has joined our list of S.T.A clients

We are delighted to announce that Metro Lapointe, located in Maniwaki, has chosen S.T.A to enhance their time and attendance management within their establishment. They are now part of our growing list of Metro grocery stores that have fully benefited from our solution. Here's how S.T.A will assist them: Schedule, [...]

6 November 2023|

S.T.A chosen by Maison Legrand

We are proud to announce that Maison Legrand has chosen S.T.A to optimize time management and attendance within their company, thus enhancing their operational efficiency. Maison Legrand, located in Blainville, is an innovative company specialized in creating plant-based products with tempting flavors. Their diverse products are recognized for their excellence, [...]

5 October 2023|

Ferme Mathieu Lavoie implements Cybertrace

We are pleased to announce that Ferme Mathieu Lavoie has chosen to integrate our advanced software solution, Cybertrace, into its management process. Ferme Mathieu Lavoie was already a user of our S.T.A solution for time and attendance management, and this new step marks a significant milestone in how they manage [...]

17 September 2023|

Gestion de Personnel 10-04 Launches Its New Website Developed by Cyberlog

We are proud to announce the launch of Gestion de Personnel 10-04's new website developed by Cyberlog! Through close collaboration, we have been able to address the evolving needs of the agency while providing an optimal user experience for businesses in search of talent and individuals seeking professional opportunities. The [...]

15 August 2023|
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