Simplified Accounting Management with STA, CYBERTRACE, and MAPLE

In a world where efficiency and accuracy of accounting data are essential, Cyberlog is dedicated to making your company’s accounting management smoother and more effective with its software solutions. To meet these demands, Cyberlog has developed STA, CYBERTRACE, and MAPLE, solutions designed to integrate seamlessly with market-leading accounting systems. Beyond simplifying payroll management, these solutions also cover other crucial aspects of accounting, such as invoicing and financial tracking.

Transmit data securely and transparently from our software to your accounting systems, ensuring a smooth and accurate integration of all your accounting data with Cyberlog’s solutions.

Compatible Accounting Solutions

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Let Our Solutions Manage Your Data

Time and Attendance

S.T.A. is a versatile time and attendance management solution, streamlining the accounting of working hours and the preparation of payroll data


Our traceability and production line management software facilitates your financial management by synchronizing invoicing data with your accounting systems. For certain accounting software, it is also possible to export your purchase invoices as well as your credit and deposit information

Client Relationship

MAPLE redefines your project management by detailing each task and the time spent on it, in addition to exporting your billing data to your accountant software



Automating accounting processes speeds up daily operations and frees up your staff for more strategic tasks

Reduced Data Entry

Our solutions allow direct and reliable transfer of data into your accounting software, thus reducing the need for repetitive manual entries

Fewer Entry Errors

Automatically synchronizing data minimizes human errors, ensuring greater accuracy of information

Assured Compliance

Ensure your accounting practices always comply with the latest tax and financial regulations, avoiding risks of non-compliance

Automated Invoicing

Automate invoice creation with precision, eliminate manual errors, and speed up the payment process, thus improving the flow of business transactions

Simplified Financial Reporting

Turn accounting data into understandable and detailed financial reports, thus simplifying performance monitoring and strategic planning

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