Control your labor costs!
STA solution


S.T.A. Manage employee records, capture entrances and exits using digital, biometric or card punch capture devices and calculate time to pay according to your business rules.

S.T.A. is a modular and fully configurable solution that can adapt to any rule or collective agreement.

The satisfaction of our customers is our priority, that’s why we ensure the implementation of the solution according to your requirements and according to a planning that will meet your deadlines. Under certain conditions, we can also offer financing for 12 or 24 months.

In addition, STA easily integrates with various payroll and accounting solutions such as Acomba, Employeur D, Avantage, Nethris, Neova, Famous and Insync.

STA Express
Employee management
Schedule management
Shift management
Availability management
Mobile application and web management
Integrated with a multitude of electronic punches
Integrated with a multitude of pay systems
Calculation of overtime
Rounding and tolerance rules
Management of breaks and meals
Calculation of time worked according to punches
Calculation of time worked according to the schedule
Management of hourly, daily and weekly primes
Automated holiday management
Advanced access per user
Management of absences, leaves and holidays
Time approval levels
Bank of hours modules
Budget and statistics module
Payroll management
Reminders and warnings module
Cost management module by project
* Parameters configurable for all employees in STA Express and configurable for each employee in STA
Software in French and English

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Comparison STA vs STA Express


STA WEB: Management directly online!

  • Viewing schedules

  • Availability Management

  • Message module

  • Punch module

Technologies are changing the world and your employees are becoming more connected. Why not take advantage of it to make information about them more accessible?

Cyberlog now offers a new module that gives personalized access to your employees. STA Web allows your employees to view their weekly schedule from their personal computer or smartphone.


Data collection via punch




or card