MAS & Fils Jardiniers Ltée, Cousineau, Vegco and Ferme Horticole LMR are transitioning to STA 11 !

STA solution

We are thrilled to announce that our loyal clients, MAS & Fils Jardiniers Ltée, Cousineau, Vegco and Ferme Horticole LMR, have chosen to upgrade to S.T.A 11, the latest enhanced version of our S.T.A software !

By integrating S.T.A 11 into their businesses, they will benefit from a more powerful and comprehensive version, offering new features to facilitate their time and attendance management.

Additionally, they will have access to a faster mobile application with additional features such as geolocation and the ability for employees to access their work hours and time bank, among others.

Another major improvement of S.T.A 11 is its compatibility with all existing payroll systems*, simplifying the payroll process.

Here are some additional features of our STA 11 software:

  • Employee reports: tardiness, absences, missed hours, worked hours, and various other statistics in one comprehensive report!
  • Direct leave and vacation requests through TAG, in addition to checking the approval status of their requests
  • Project, product, and task management module for profitability and profitability reporting
  • Health and safety module
  • Visitor registration (Log book)
  • And much more!

To learn more about our S.T.A 11 software solution, visit:

Thank you to our clients for their trust!

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Sciage et Planage Rioux Inc. chooses S.T.A.

Cyberlog is proud to have been chosen by Sciage et Planage Rioux inc. for our business solution, S.T.A.

Located in Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac, Sciage et Planage Rioux inc. is a family-owned wood processing company catering to the construction sector. With the implementation of S.T.A, their company will save time and money by facilitating time and attendance management.

Here’s what S.T.A will do for them:

  • Work schedule management
  • Integration with the Dynacom payroll system
  • Absence, illness, and tardiness control
  • Training time tracking
  • Holidays and bonuses calculation
  • Rounding and tolerances
  • Department management
  • Human Resources module

Options for punch clock entries:

  • Clock in and out, breaks, meals
  • Requests for leave and vacations directly on the punch clock
  • View of total hours worked
  • General messages, by department or individual

Thanks to Sciage et Planage Rioux inc. for their trust!

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Jessica Pastries chooses Cybertrace

Jessica Pastries

It is with pride that Cyberlog announces that Jessica Pastries will trust Cybertrace, our production chain management solution. Jessica Pastries specializes in the creation of high-quality desserts, serving them throughout Canada and the United States. The company is passionately committed to creating happiness through its products while maintaining an eco-responsible approach.

Here is what Cybertrace will do for them:

Purchasing order management

Sales order management

Inventory management

Food processing and recipe management (production)

Lot traceability


Customer management

Product management

Supplier management

Shipping and transportation management

We thank Jessica Pastries for their trust!

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