20 years ago today, we launched Cyberlog!

We didn’t really know what we were getting into.

Would our IT solutions interest managers?
Would we be able to convince customers?
Would the revenues be there?

We have to admit that these fears have faded a little over time, but for an entrepreneur, they always remain in the back of our minds. Sometimes they keep us awake at night, other times they make us dream. Either way, one thing is certain: you have to be passionate to build a business that lasts. There are sacrifices to be made, worrying moments, evenings spent looking at numbers, but on the other hand, there is the pride of having accomplished something, of having served people and having made a difference, not to mention all the experience and learning acquired over time. And that’s worth a lot! But what I remember most is the relationships we have built with people. We have clients in all regions of Quebec and in many cases, they even became friends with whom we can discuss a multitude of subjects.

Thank you to everyone and I am sure that some of you will recognize yourself in this!

A short history of Cyberlog :

2002 Launch of Cyberlog
2002 Implementation of the STA time and attendance solution and  General Product Management
2004 First steps of our food traceability solutions
2005 Start of the product management adventure for a pharmaceutical banner
2008 Breakthrough in traceability in several sectors
2010 Implementation of a Personnel Placement Management system
2012 Consolidation of our pharmaceutical systems
2015 Restructuration of the company
2016 Opening of a web development department
2017 Beginning of the company’s expansion
2018 New era in Mobile application
2020 Launch of the Health declaration terminal
2022 An exceptional year ahead!