Ferme d'Hiver

Cyberlog is very pleased to announce that Winter Farm has chosen to trust our S.T.A and Cybertrace solutions for their time and attendance management, as well as for managing their production chain. Founded in 2018, Winter Farm specializes in technology that designs, deploys, and operates controlled environment agriculture (CEA) solutions. Through its pioneering concept of a vertical farm dedicated to strawberry cultivation, the company has distinguished itself among industry leaders in CEA.

Here is what Cybertrace will do for them :

Purchasing order management

Sales order management

Inventory management

Food processing and recipe management (production)

Lot traceability


Customer management

Product management

Supplier management

Shipping and transportation management

Here is what S.T.A will do for them :

Work schedule management

Interface with the payroll system

Absence, illness, and tardiness control

Training time tracking

Holidays and bonuses calculation

Rounding and tolerances

Department management

Human Resources module

Survey module and health declaration kiosk

Punch options include :

Punching in and out, for breaks and meals

Changing departments and projects

General messages, by department or individual

Recording visitors directly through the punch system

We thank Winter Farm for their trust!